Access IPTV Services With iStar a9700 Plus 


We now have different types of TV sets ready to provide you with the best entertainment available today. If you are tired of century-old satellite TV boxes and want to modernize how you consume entertainment then IPTV boxes are your best bet. You can opt for the iStar A9700 android box to access demanding content and streaming platforms and even access the internet with it. It changes so many things yet simplifies how you stream your favorite channels and content without any buffering. More about this device and its installation process is provided in this article.

What is iStar a9700 Plus?

As so many Android TV sets are available in the market, this one is not so different from the rest. Some call this device an IPTV while others prefer to keep it as an Android TV and both are true. The iStar a9700 plus runs on an Android-based operating system to deliver IPTV services. This one is a smart TV platform, that can run various Android applications and services with ease even you can use this as an IPTV. To get an IPTV experience, you need to download and install specific Android applications from Google Play Store.

You can even play mobile games on this device and yes, you have to download the games from Google Play Store. As soon as you purchase to make a successful purchase iStar International will send you a subscription code via mail. You can use this code to activate your IPTV while enjoying a plethora of TV channels and streaming platforms. The logic credentials you receive from the company need to be verified so you should keep this to your family.

How to Set Up iStar a9700 Plus? 

Unlike satellite TV set-ups, this one does not involve unnecessary jargon. Anyone can set up this box with their home television set even a kid can do it easily. All you have to do is follow the instruction manual available with this IPTV box. Here is a rundown of the iStar TV box activation process:

  1. Log in to your IPTV service that is available on this device like ZinaTV
  2. Turn on the device and connect it to your Wifi and television
  3. Press the home switch on your iStar A9000 prime remote then go to the main menu
  4. Download an additional app to stream your favorite content and television channels
  5. Follow the screen instructions if are facing any obstruction with the interface

If you are unable to navigate what you are looking for using iStar a9700 plus, please get in touch with customer service.  

Some Key Characteristics of The iStar a9700 Plus 

This popular Korea IPTV box can be used as a streaming media player to access different streaming services. Once you know all its features, you will be able to use the device better.

Voice control: 

Google assistance is pre-installed on the iStar a9700 plus, allowing you to use voice commands to operate your TV as well as other smart home appliances.

Ultra High Definition: 

Your loved shows and movies can be streamed in breathtaking high-definition resolution on the IPTV thanks to support for Ultra HD.

Numerous apps

This device gives you access to a multitude of apps and streaming services, such as ZinaTV.

The bottom line is that iStar a9700 plus is a wonderful piece of technology and more than just an IPTV. To have this device for your home television you have to check out all the popular iStar Korea products and TV boxes available online.